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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No pictures up yet...

Sorry for the delay. Won't be posting up the pics yet... perhaps till after this weekend. We're planning to go up to Kuala Selangor and keep in touch with some fire flies... in nature... :P Our first time there. Some colleagues thought it would be fun so we tagged along. Will begin travelling again next week and the week after... frequenting Alor Setar and a trip to Langkawi :)... will update you all on this!

Monday, November 20, 2006

My Weekend...

There actually wasn't much to this weekend, just that my parents came over since they wanted to make their USA visa since they'll be visiting some friends and attending a wedding there early next year. They spent Friday and Saturday night at our place in Melaka... and had tons of FOODDDD :) Dad now "complains" that he's been overly fed for Saturday and Sunday evening's dinner.

We had a "high cholesterol" weekend. Seafood on Saturday at the Portugese village and some "thong shui" sweet delicacies in Melaka and Japanese Buffet at Jogoya (Star Hill) on Sunday evening. That's the best and biggest Japanese buffet that I've ever been and something that I've never imagined. We were not even able to try out everything in just one "shot"! The mouth watering oysters, Alaskan crabs, prawns... OMG!!!

Parents stayed at Micasa Hotel & Apartments. Nice nice place... a flip of their Room Service food rates... O_o nothing below RM30 for food and nothing below RM15 for dessert!!! Lucky them getting a corporate rate! :) Else I'd reckon it'll "cost a bomb"!

Anyway, I'm back to work now... will post some pics up in the near future... *if I remember*...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Alor Setar - Part I

I just got back at around 1115am just now... what a tiring one day trip.

2nd November 2006 - Wake up at 3am, taxi arrive at 4+am, reach LCCT 6+am & have McD's Big, departure 715am, reach Alor Setar 8+am, check-in airport, go straight to work, lunch (on the client's boss - vegetarian food - yup, he's a vege guy), back to work till almost 7pm, went back to hotel, bath, dinner at 8pm, went to a non air conditioned seafood restaurant (dinner on company boss), went back to hotel, had their complimentary drink, back to the room and slept around 1030pm

3rd November 2006 - Wake up at 6am, breakfast 7am, taxi arrive at 730am, left Alor Setar 835am, reached LCCT at 9+am, took a taxi home and reached home around 1115am... lunch at 12 then back to office... O_o

That's all for Part I. Stay tuned for Part II. :P